About Hypnotist Secrets

Hypnotist Secrets, LLC. was founded by Tyler the Hypnotist. Our promise is to inspire others to achieve great things. We diligently encourage our members to practice what they learn, focus on resolving long-term problems and  create a long-lasting impact on their clients or respective communities across the world. 

Mission of Hypnotist Secrets


We commit ourselves to educating and guiding millions of aspiring hypnotists across the world through e-learning and provide easy-to-learn videos that focus on techniques, belief work and sustainability. By creating a community of healers, we believe that we can accomplish a wave of healing throughout billions of lives through our members wherever they are in the world.

Our Core Values


1). Integrity. Fostering trustworthiness through veracity and honesty in our professional work.


2). Service. Customer-centric ideals. The members are our top priority and we do our utmost best to meet their every need.


3). Empowerment. We commit ourselves to developing the skills of our members and assisting in their professional growth.


4). Community. Creating memorable experiences and interactions that are worth more than what we're selling.

About Your Mentor


For almost 5 years of practicing hypnosis, Tyler the Hypnotist has passed down his extensive knowledge and skills to thousands of members of Hypnotist Secrets. His current goal is to equip a hundred thousand new generation of hypnotists. By making this huge army of healers, we can promote change work and support the unique individual goals of their clients on a global scale.

Hey, I'm Tyler the Hypnotist!

Tyler the Hypnotist



You were put on this planet for a reason.


You've endured pain and bear witness to the pain in the world.


At one point, you may have felt helpless as the witness.


But you are helpless no longer.


If you're reading this, I know one thing about you already.


That you feel most ALIVE when healing the pain of others.


You see, that's what makes us different then most.


Most people view all the terrible things that happened in the world as a fact of life.


They view the world "as is".


But not us...


We look at the world, and we feel a burning drive to change and improve it.


You're here because you're ready to make an IMPACT on another level.


And hypnosis is simply the means to achieve this.


To create a powerful transformation in a single moment.


The world is IN PAIN and it is our DUTY TO HEAL IT

Group Hypnosis by Tyler the Hypnotist



Once you understand the language of the subconscious, you can begin to speak to it.


And while speaking to the subconscious you can create deep change very quickly.


Because in the subconscious lies the BELIEFS that are holding you back.


As hypnotists, we simply influence the beliefs in the mind at the deepest level, to create RADICAL change in our subjects.


Learn the Language of the Subconscious Mind to Find The Hidden Answers You Need...


You'll be able to apply this knowledge of humans to ANYTHING. 


Your marketing, sales, copywriting, therapy, etc. will ALL improve because you understand the human mind.

From Backpacking Around The U.S. To Closing High-Ticket Sales

Tyler the Hypnotist

Tyler Schaub has also been using his unique persuasion techniques to make the world his sandbox. With these skills, he’s received meals for free, housing for free, and even sat down with millionaires and billionaires.
Tyler didn’t do this with charisma, he did it with his unique persuasion techniques. Techniques validated by science and proven to be effective for not just those in sales, but people in all walks of life.
Since then, Tyler has shown over 1100 people his methods of persuasion and influence. And with his unique sales strategies, he’s closed 1,300 high ticket deals ranging from 1-5k. In other words, Tyler plays for keeps.
The craziest part is:
Tyler has never had any formal training in sales… Which makes his sales success incredible. And the fact that he’s able replicate his sales success with people he shares his methods with is even more incredible.
For the first time ever, Tyler is sharing his methods online. This is the exact system he uses to close thousand dollar deals. Now, you can access them too!

Hypnotist Secrets, LLC. is dedicated to educating and guiding aspiring hypnotists who are committed to helping improve the lives of their clients. We encourage practice and taking action not theory.

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