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  • BONUS Weekly Live Q&A Call: Every week Tyler the Hypnotist hosts TWO live interactive Q&A calls to answer any hypnosis questions you have, enabling a deep understanding of hypnosis and the human mind.
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    Effect 1) Shatter toxic limiting beliefs in anyone you meet
    Effect 2) Use Hypnosis to Heal Trauma/Anxiety
    Effect 3) Covertly Hypnotize Anyone to Shatter Toxic Habits
    Effect 4) Build a Highly Profitable Hypnotic Income Machine
    Effect 5) Have Your Sales Prospects BEG You to Buy
    Effect 6) Subtly Suggest the Outcome You Want in Any Conversation
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Is Hypnosis actually real?
    To understand how hypnosis is real, you need to understand the Placebo effect. If you were to go to the doctor for having a terrible headache, and the doctor were to give you a pill and says the pill will make your headache go away. By taking that pill your headache would go away. However, the pill had no medicine in it at all. It was actually just a sugar pill... BUT you know, like & trust the doctor and you expected the reality he set. Then your mind created that reality. The Doctor is the hypnotist. Hypnosis is setting an expectation for something (your feet will be stuck, you'll no longer have this phobia, you'll forget your name, etc.) and guiding the subject until they are experiencing that expectation.
    Can Anyone Learn Hypnosis?
    YES! Anyone can learn how to perform hypnosis. Hypnosis is a way of communicating to the subconscious, under the conscious awareness. By simply learning the principles of hypnotic conversation, you'll be able to hypnotize anyone for any effect.
    Why is the price so low?
    Hypnotist Secrets was originally going to be $97/month but we wanted to make it affordable for everyone which is why we are doing this massive discount of just $7/month.

    50% cheaper then Netflix, and 63% cheaper then average meal for a family, and less than a large coffee at Starbucks...

    All because Hypnosis belongs to the world.
    What will happen when you raise the price?
    If you join today, this is your price for life. So even if we raise our prices back up to $97/month you will be grandfathered in for life.

    The price you see is really the price you get.

    So don't miss out on greatness...
    How do I cancel?
    There's no commitments and you can cancel anytime. Just email and we'll cancel you membership with no questions asked! 
    What is your refund policy?
    We have a 30 day refund policy if the program isn't a great fit. If you have any more questions, inquire with our support team by emailing

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