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Learn the skills and techniques that are essential for you to become a hypnotist through progressive video sessions.


We designed the courses to cover all the bases as much as possible to give you the greatest learning experience!


You learn at your own pace. Not everyone has the same learning curve. We got you buddy.



Occasionally, we bring in awesome guest speakers to bring more value to our community!


We got you covered! Send us any of your questions or requests through our helpdesk any time.



You can access our member's area online any place at any time using any browser.


The live Q&A sessions are primarily for Bronze and Silver badge members only.



Who doesn't like bonuses?! Bear in mind that the higher your badge, the more bonuses you get!

NOTICE: Hypnotist Secrets holds the right to move or cancel Live Q&A sessions or Guest Speaker webinars.

What People Say...

Austin E.

Literally the best course I have ever taken (I've spent thousands on education). I am using the skills in my everyday routine and it's brought my wealth, relationships and even HEALTH to the next level. If you haven't picked this up yet, idk what you're doing.

Dainora L.

Before, it was difficult to explain what hypnosis is to people as a normal thing. Now I can use it and speak about it freely.





Dono F.

This was awesome! This gave me a better understanding of hypnosis and how your reality plays into your beliefs. 





Brian K.

I never viewed myself as a hypnotist, however, joining Hypnotist Secrets immensely helped me out on my business as creator. Before, I lacked communication skills making it difficult for me to get clients. My business has grown and I was able to leverage myself to land more clients. Thanks again!

Astrid R.

It's the most powerful modern piece I've ever read on the subject. Powerful analogy and I'm so deeply thankful for the 30 minute call we arranged because my life changed 180 degrees in one week. Thanks Tyler for your compassion and guidance.



Sohan G.

I've never witnessed my clients get results so fast with your style of hypnosis! Loved it! My Hypno skills have transcended to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!! Thank you thank you thank you mate! Blessings.




Sandra P.

As a therapist, what Tyler gives in his training is crucial information to work faster and more effective. His tools have helped me help the patients get a hold on their thoughts and programs so fast and easy, it's only taking a few sessions to see big results.



Jorgen N.

Hi! I've been training for over a decade and served thousands of people about NLP. It's great but after I discovered hypnosis, I am able to help people at an incredible speed! I have traditional hypnosis training from London, England but your speed inductions have really changed the game plan! Thank you!

Hugo T.

TBH, yours wasn't the first online hypnosis course that I took but with the rest, I lost interest because after 15-20 hours watching videos of guys talking about hypnosis, I still had no idea how to do it. Very academic. I find your approach very interesting because you actually insist that we take action - and that's the best way to learn.

Hypnotist Secrets, LLC. is dedicated to educating and guiding aspiring hypnotists who are committed to helping improve the lives of their clients. We encourage practice and taking action not theory.

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