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The Ultimate Hypnosis Hub is where Street Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy meet. Whether you are a complete beginner and have never even heard of hypnosis before today, or you are a veteran hypnotist looking to improve your session efficiency, this membership is for you.

Join Over 1,000 Members and become a Rapid Hypnotist. 

Only $10/month

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  • The problem with most hypnosis courses and trainings, is they teach you different terms and techniques... but won't let you practice until you're 'certified'.

  • That is why 80% of people who study hypnosis are too afraid to hypnotize people! They have not had a safe environment to practice & grow.

  • What I discovered after years of trial and error, is a replicable system to produce trance rapidly (in less than 60 seconds). 

Meet Some of Our Members

Austin E.

Digital Marketer

Literally the best course I have ever taken (I've spent thousands on education). I am using the skills in my everyday routine and it's brought my wealth, relationships and even HEALTH to the next level. If you haven't picked this up yet, idk what you're doing..”

Sandra P.


"As a therapist, what Tyler gives in his training is crucial information to work faster and more effective. His tools have helped me help the patients get a hold on their thoughts and programs so fast and easy, it's only taking a few sessions to see big results."

Hugo T.


"TBH, yours wasn't the first online hypnosis course that I took but with the rest, I lost interest because after 15-20 hours watching videos of guys talking about hypnosis, I still had no idea how to do it. Very academic. I find your approach very interesting because you actually insist that we take action - and that's the best way to learn."

Sohan G.

Business Coach

"I've never witnessed my clients get results so fast with your style of hypnosis! Loved it! My Hypno skills have transcended to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!! Thank you thank you thank you mate! Blessings."

Rapid Hypnosis. Made Simple.

Tyler the Hypnotist

Rapid Hypnosis Coach

Tyler the Hypnotist is the world's leading rapid hypnosis instructor. Since 2019, Tyler has trained over 1,000 hypnotists in over 23 countries in the art of rapid hypnosis.


Having personally healed over 1300 clients and hypnotizing thousands of people, Tyler prides himself on his simple & efficient teaching style for hypnosis.

Tap Into the Power of the Human Mind and Unlock the Only Real Life Superhero. 

Successfully hypnotize your first subject in 30 days, or your money back!

  • Live Q&A Calls

    Join us on our monthly Q&A calls with Tyler the Hynotist. Answer al your hypnosis questions and get in depth answers.

  • Constantly Updated Video Library

    Over 8 hours of content with more videos added every single month!

  • Exclusive Guest Speakers

    Exclusive access to some of the best hypnotists in the world. Learn from guest speakers such as Zach Pincince, Richard Barker, James Tripp, Marczell Klein & MORE!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love this program and our improved style of Rapid Hypnosis , that if you don't... you'll get every dollar back... But we know you'll be blown away ;)

Confidently Hypnotize Your First Subject in 30 Days or It's Free!

We are so confident in the effectivness of this program, that we will give every dollar back if you don't successfuly hypnotize your first subject in 30 days!

Only $10/month

No month to month commitment. Cancel anytime.

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